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US & Canada Prestigious Universities Application

One-to-One Planning Service

Professional planning team serving individual students based on their characteristics with the goal to register them into prestigious universities by designing a three-year academic plan .

Combine consulting and counseling and detail for every 10th grade a three-year-long personalized plan to enter into renowned universities by obtaining the “five certificates” needed for successful applications.

Professional Consulting Team Providing VIP Tracking Service for Academic Performance


Getting in touch with students frequently

Analyze students’ strength and weakness from study habits , to study attitudes, to study abilities , etc . Provide strategic ,insightful ,and individualized academic advice for each student .Provide one-to-one tracking home teacher to closely maintain a complete understanding of students’ academic development and personal  growth.


Strict After-School Schedule

Fully make use of students’ time after school .Develop students’ habits of punctuality ,accuracy and efficiency for tasks completion. Nurture qualified applicants for future applications to reputable universities.


Detailed and Accurate Academic Plans

Design set majors and universities based on students’ interests and dreams. Analyze students’ study preference ,extra-curricular activities , hobbies ,and developmental directions and review strengths and shining points. Design a unique planning guideline for each student based on  set universities’ admission  requirements and past enrollment rates. Establish a clear route into famous universities .


        Specify application objectives , clarify application directions, and crystallize application procedures. Our service is not just for applications for renowned universities but also take responsibility for every student so as to nurture the topmost North American graduates .