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School Applications for Different Grades in Metro Vancouver

Our company is a contracted agency for schools in different district and helps international students apply for public or private schools in the greater Vancouver regions ,including  Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley .

One-to-one Tutoring & Tracking Services

Professional Tutor and counselor team that  focuses on international students’ special needs and  conducts individualized one-to-one teaching service .Combining students’ academic performance and daily homework ,our team provides monthly reports that summarize and assesses their academic progress .

Enhancement of English Abilities

International students who are new to Canada are faced with different types of challenges .New living environment ,feeling of nostalgia, and new teaching styles all create difficulties for in experienced international students who first arrive. Especially important is to enhance their English abilities ,not only the academic grades in school, but also English for daily communication.

Details for Tracking  Service

Our tracking home teachers and tutors together design specific after-school planning for each students based on their individual situation to help them develop  good leaning habits . Tutors visit students for one-to-one sessions, keeping track of each of their homework for each subject to ensure its quality. Our tracking team regularly contacts students to provide short monthly summary  to better understand their situation ,attending parent-teacher conference to help translate teachers’  comments and ensure that parents and students understand teachers’ requirements and expectations.

School Tutoring

ELL/ESL English

             Quickly improve student achievement in English, enter the local graders to learn English.

10 – 12th Grade English

By a local English teachers to counsel students. Combined with the needs of students, and teaching    requirements in BC, targeted counseling for students learning English.


Helping students to understand the local culture in Canada, to adapt and to learn new knowledge, completed graduation requirable compulsory subjects as soon as possible.

Math, Science and Other Science Subjects

Helping students to take advantage of the assistance as soon as possible, to prepare for knowledge transition from Chinese to English, to adapt English teaching as quickly as possible.